Hey there! Welcome to my place.

Something about me...

I'm a startup enthusiast, designer, and technologist based in Hong Kong. Working "part-time" in an investment bank during the day. Running interesting side projects "full-time" at night. Apart from having a strong interest in philosophy and history, I love everything related to:

TechnologyWebIoTMachine LearningMobileBackend
StartupGrowthProduct DevelopmentVenture Capital

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Current Role

Technology Analyst

J.P. Morgan | Hong Kong
Aug 18' - Present


Summer Analyst

J.P. Morgan | Hong Kong
Jun 17' - Aug 17'

Design Intern

Uber | Hong Kong
Dec 16' - Feb 17'

Growth Hacking Intern

500 Startups | Mountain View, CA, US
Jun 16' - Aug 16'

Marketing Executive Intern

HKSEI | Hong Kong
Jul 15' - Aug 15'

Software Developer Intern

EventXtra | Hong Kong
Jun 14' - Sep 14'



HKUST | Hong Kong
Sep 13' - May 18'

Exchange Student

UC Davis | Davis, CA, US
Jan 16' - Apr 16'



Jun 15' - Jan 16'


Nov 14' - May 15'
Being born in mainland China, raised in Hong Kong, and staying in the States for a year, I've found myself being a strong believer in diversity. Learning about the histories and cultures across the globe has been one of my hobbies.

Languages I use

English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and a little bit Japanese and Spanish

Other places I've visited

I support anti-disciplinary innovation, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, and effective altruism. The future of humanity in my eyes is about polymathic learning and collaboration, free-flowing population, cultural diversity and integration, and efficient giving and policy making.

How I spend my free time

Dreaming, reading blogs and non-fiction, prototyping and making, listening to podcasts and EDMs, watching Black Mirror and HBO Silicon Valley, coffee tasting, playing piano, and contributing to open-source projects.

I love mobile photography. There're no other devices that can strike a better balance between portability and image quality. With the right peripherals and editing, photos taken by phones are on a par with those taken by DSLR camera.

Favorite Gear

iPhone XS + Moment 18mm Wide Lens / 58mm Tele Lens / 25mm Macro Lens

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