Immersive Emotions

Visualize latent emotions

Immersive Emotions is an interactive installation that visualizes the participants' latent emotions using biosignals. It consists of a glove equipped with various biosensors and a hub that detects body movement and combines all the data into a visualization. The sensors used in this project include a PPG heart rate sensor, a GSR sensor, a camera, and an all-in-one sensor comprising a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

The project was selected to be a part of the UC Berkeley Fall 2022 Design Showcase.

All sensors except the camera are embedded into a glove, which allows participants to move their hands and fingers freely.

The visualization is designed to be abstract and to be interpreted by the participants themselves. This captures the fuzzy nature of human emotions. It is animated by a particle system regulated by frequency-modulated sine waves. The radius, color, and speed of the particles, as well as the overall particle arrangement, are all directly mapped from the input biosignals.

Here is a technical demo of the installation.

And associated research paper is available here.