Orbo Loop + App

Align your mental state

Orbo Loop and its campanion app provide a tangible stress tracking and meditation experience for users to maintain their mental wellbeing. The physical wearable and the app share a unified design language of "beads".

The documentation of this project is still ongoing.

User Research

While meditation apps have gained popularity in recent years, it is questionable whether a purely digital medium could provide an effective meditation experience for users. To validate this hypothesis and understand the shortcoming of existing mental health management products, a few users have been interviewed.

It was found that most meditation experiences have the following issues.

  • Visual and audio guidance is not sufficient for keeping focus
  • Difficult to quantify and qualify mental state
  • Difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the meditation

Based on the insights, the following problem statement is defined.

How might we utilize non-audiovisual medium to help city dwellers monitor their mental health and keep focus during meditation?


Interaction Design

Brand Design

Wearable Design

App Design