Orbo Loop + App

Cross-device meditation

Orbo is a UI/UX and 3D Rendering project that explores the idea of cross-device interaction. Orbo Loop and its companion app share a common design language of "colorful beads" and together provide a unified stress tracking and meditation experience for users to maintain mental well-being.

User Research

While meditation apps have gained popularity in recent years, it is questionable whether a purely digital medium could provide an effective meditation experience for users. A few users were interviewed to validate this hypothesis and understand the shortcoming of existing mental health management products.

It was found that most meditation experiences have the following issues.

  • Visual and audio guidance is not sufficient to stay focused
  • Difficult to quantify and qualify the mental state
  • Difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the meditation

Based on the insights, the following problem statement is defined.

Existing Solutions

Comparable products in the market can be loosely categorized into health trackers and meditation assistants. Orbo Loop combines both functionalities into one single device. In addition, most smart beads products in the market have a strong tie with particular religions. Orbo Loop is deliberately designed to ambiguous and adaptable to everyone.


Our mind is an ensemble of different thoughts and feelings. When these individual pieces are well-organized, we feel relaxed. But when they are chaotic, we feel stressed.

The beads in Orbo Loop and the Orbo app perceptualize these thoughts and feelings both physically and digitally. Users can observe and control their own minds simply by synchronizing their minds with the beads.

Orbo Loop is designed to be worn all day as a meditation companion for users. They can achieve mindfulness easily by acknowledging their stress and following the guided exercise.

Universal Beads

As a form of ancient ornaments, beads are present in almost all cultures across the globe. Despite its common association with religious prayer, it is also frequently used secularly as a meditation tool, jewelry, or even stress-relieving fidget.

Orbo Loop is designed to be all-inclusive and adaptive. Regardless of the spiritual meaning assigned by the users and the lack thereof, it helps them achieve peace of mind through mindfulness and increased focus.


The Orbo meditation experience utilizes both the wearable and the app. The app provides a visual representation of the user's mental state and guides them through the meditation process. The wearable provides a physical sensation for the users to stay focused.

Brand Design

The brand design of Orbo is inspired by the Wabi-sabi aesthetics and neon lights. Circle is one of the key visual elements in the design language. Modulus Pro was specifically chosen to reflect this character.

Wearable Design

The design of the wearable deviates from that of regular wearables in the market. It is designed to be worn as a bracelet made of a flexible material to provide maximum comfort and portability. The colors of the beads also reflect the mental state of the users.

App Design

The design of the Orbo app focused on the meditation experience. The animation of the orbiting beads on the screen synchronizes with the status of the beads on the wearable. As the users' mental state changes, the motion of the beads also changes accordingly.