I spend my free time dreaming, reading, learning, listening and experimenting with music, tasting coffee and exotic food, contributing to open-source projects, and occasionally watching movies.

Books and Movies

I mainly read non-fiction, but occasionally also sci-fi novels written by Ted Chiang, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson. You can check out my book shelves on GoodReads or Literal.

As a future nerd, I love artworks that explore technorealism or technological somnambulism, especially novels and movies that provoke deep reflections on the positives and negatives of technological development by imagining the future relationship between humanities and technologies. My favorite shows are Cyberpunk masterpieces - Blade Runner, Black Mirror, Ghost in the Shell, and Psycho-Pass.

Currently Reading

Caffeine and Food

As a tea and coffee lover, I like all kinds of tea- and coffee-based beverage. I also love tasting and cooking food and drinks from different cultures, especially super spicy ones. My top three cuisines are Japanese, Latin American, and Mediterranean. As controversial as it can get, durian is, without question, my favorite food.

Places, Cultures, and Identities

I'm a somewhat westernized East Asian, who can live perfectly without rice. I was born in Guangdong, China, and immigrated to Hong Kong with my parents in my mid-childhood.

Growing up as a digital native, I have been heavily influenced by the Internet and pop culture from the West. I identify myself as a "Glocal Netizen" who embraces glocalism, techno-progressivism, and equality, as opposed to nationalism, status quo, and privileges. Since my late teens, I have also been hugely interested in Hispanic and Japanese culture. Because of this, I can communicate in native Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as basic Spanish and Japanese.

Traveling is my way to live out my cosmopolitan life. So far, I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and the UK. Thanks to COVID-19, I'm way behind schedule to check out the 10K+ cities in my 'to-go' list.