Uber Motion Graphics

Motion graphics made by me


This is a collection of motion graphics I designed in my internship at Uber Hong Kong across different campaign. The design contains cultural references that may specifically resonate with Hong Kong audience.

Uber Color

Identifying matched car is a pain. Uber Color is a new way to make your pickup process much smoother. A light with specific color will be shown in front of the vehicle when it is approaching riders, bringing convenience and better user experience. This visual was designed to educate riders about this new feature.

Animated visual for Uber Color campaign

Chinese New Year

Each day in the first week of Lunar Calendar has a series of corresponding traditions. However, these traditions have been fading away due to our modern living style. This series of animation aims at reminding audience about those conventions, and how Uber can help them maintain the traditional culture.

U for Uber

Behind every good trip is an even better driver partner. In this campaign, we invited riders to show their #UberLove by taking a photo with their favorite driver with a ā€œUā€ gesture! The campaign visual was designed to demonstrate this action vividly and attract attention in social media.

Animated visual for U for Uber campaign

New Year Eye Celebration

Everyone celebrates the end of year by counting down or partying. Uber provides people a convenient way to get home early and safely. This campaign visual was designed to bring a key message - Uber is always with them when they need it, even in New Year Eve.

Animated visual for Uber New Year Eye celebration