Split your bills in the air


Sep 28, 2019




  • Prototype
  • Machine Learning
  • Hackathon


  • James Cheung
  • Samwalker Cheng
  • Martin Shin


Airsplit is a bill splitting voice service without app installation, but lightning fast bill logging, and automatic currency conversion. You can use its functionalities just by launching Google Assistant in your home screen. After logging your bill with one command, now you can put down your phone and enjoy your precious time with your friends and family.


This Google Assistant service was developed in Google Developer Group Global Voice Hackathon 2019 and won the Global Top 10.

Every time after my trip with friends, I came up with all these complicated spreadsheets to figure out how to split our bills. My friend even has a term for that. It’s called Big Data Entry. Even worse, some restaurants do not provide receipts, while some print them in a foreign language.

Over 1000 bill splitting apps available in Google Play store.

We are all very familiar with this bill splitting problem. That’s why bill splitting is the most popular startup idea after to-do list. There are over 1000 bill splitting apps available in the Google Play store.

However, why isn’t there a popular bill splitting app?

During travel, no one wants to focus on the screen and type out the bill. After all, traveling time with friends is precious, right? Plus, who wants to download an app just for bill splitting during their trip.

Airsplit is a solution with no app installation, but lightning fast bill logging, and automatic currency conversion.

You can easily create a group and invite your friends to join - all in one command. To record a bill, you simply need to say 'Split 100 dollars for this dinner'. You can even check how much you owe others and others owe you without opening an app. A detail report can be generated after your trip if you want to further process the data.


Our hackathon pitch is also avaiable here.