Foldable & washfree lunchbox

Rebox is a foldable, wash-free, and smart reusable lunchbox that solves the conflict between environmental friendliness and convenience.

Food containers and packaging are among the major sources of waste reaching landfills. While governments and environmental organizations are trying hard to encourage people to use reusable lunchboxes, most citizens, especially students and office workers, are still reluctant to switch away from disposable lunchboxes.

In fact, there is always a struggle between reusable lunchboxes and disposable lunchboxes. Reusable lunch box is green but full of trouble, while disposable lunch box is convenient but harmful to the earth. This could lead to serious problems because it introduces a dilemma between environmental protection and product usability.

Rebox can be folded into one-fifth of its original volume, making it even smaller than a typical water bottle.

After opening the lid, a piece of biodegradable greaseproof paper can be put inside the box so that the food is not in contact with the container.

The paper is super compressible and only stays in landfills for a few weeks, minimizing the carbon footprint while achieving its wash-free feature.