Oregon DMV Redesign

Seamless Real ID appointment UX

This project is a UX case study and redesign of the Oregon DMV appointment scheduling flow. Government sites are not always the easiest type of interface to navigate. As a result, I conducted user research and redesigned the Real ID appointment flow to address a number of usability issues.

UX Research

Initial users interviews revealed that a lot of users failed to reach the appointment page. It was later found that the page was not even shown on the search engine result page due to poor search engine optimization. Also, the availability of time and location is only shown after filling out personal information. This prevents users from checking the availability quickly.

Ideation and Prototyping

Appointment scheduling is a common UX problem. For example, the Chase bank appointment scheduling offered some inspirations for fixing the usability issues.

These ideas were incorporated into the final hi-fi prototype.

Figma Prototype

The Figma prototype can be accessed here.