Meal prep for busy people

Chowtime is a personal smart chef that simplifies healthy cooking for busy individuals. With scheduled sous vide cooking, it automatically prepares your meal by the time you want it, delivering both speed and health to its users.


According to MarketWatch, 80% of millennials think cooking meals at home is a good way to live, but less than 45% consider themselves to be at least somewhat good at cooking. For urban dwellers, breakfasts and dinners are always done in a hurry due to the fast-paced lifestyle in cities. Many busy office workers resort to fast food when they could not afford spending time on meal preparation and cooking.


With Chowtime, a healthly 3-course dinner can be prepared in just 3 steps. Before leaving home, you load the food packs into the machine. It automatically schedules the right time to start heating the ingredients with sous vide. When you are back home, all dishes have been fully cooked and ready for your consumption.

Pitch Deck

Here the pitch deck of the concept.